Dr. Rob Henslick

Dr. "Rob" has been in private practice since the late 1980's. Dr. "Rob" graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1984 and from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1988. He has been in private practice since graduating, and in Laguna Niguel since 1999.

Dr. Henslick specializes in Family Eyecare, contact lenses, glasses and the treatment of eye disease. He is an expert in, dry eye disorders, LASIK consultation and cataract detection and management.

Dr Henslick has a friendly office staff who assist him in providing exceptional eye-care for his patients.

We are happy to assist patients from age 3 to 103 and counting!
Many say that Dr. James Rob Henslick, an optometrist in Laguna Niguel, has a heart of gold.

He set up a charitable vision clinic in Kitale, Kenya in February 2007, inside of a small cottage hospital called the Sister Freda's Medical Clinic. To date, he has taken 12 mission trips to Kenya and dispensed more than 8,000 pairs of glasses to the less fortunate people of Kenya. He has treated 1000's of eye infections and diseases such as glaucoma, thanks to the generous donations of Alcon and Allergan Pharmaceuticals.

Here is a closer look at the man known as "Dr. Rob."

Q: When did you become interested in helping others less fortunate?

A: In high school, I went on several mission trips to Mexico with my church youth group. In 1993, I joined the Mission Viejo Rotary Club, and through the Rotary Club came in contact with the Flying Doctors group called LA LIGA International. I served with them in rural Mexico for several years, flying to remote villages to provide medical care. In 2003, I joined a group from Saddleback Church helping the Lost Boys of Sudan. These boys are refugees from Sudan who were brought to the U.S. Working with these boys developed my interest in helping the people of Africa.

Q: To date, what has been your favorite place to lend a hand and why?

A: Kenya, because there is such a desperate need and the people are so grateful for everything you do for them. It is also very rewarding to work alongside Freda Robinson, a Kenyan nurse, whose incredible story is told in her biography "Heart of Compassion Hands of Care" written by Darlene Sala.

Q: What's the best part of this work?

A: Using my God-given talents to help those less fortunate.

Q: The most challenging?

A: Not being able to help everyone we come in contact with.

Q: How has this work bettered or enhanced your life?

A: It always makes you feel good to help others and reminds us of how blessed we truly are to live in the United States with all the opportunities we have here.

Q: If you had to choose someone to spend a week with - dead or alive - who would it be & why?

A: My father because he died way too young. I'd love for him to see me and my family today.

Q: What is one thing that you have never done, but would like to in the near future?

A: Taking my family trekking in Peru and traveling to the Holy Lands.

Q: What are your future goals?

A: To continue serving the vision needs of the people of Saddleback Valley, to expand my charitable vision clinic in Kenya to include cataract surgery and continue serving the people of Kenya.